Singer 108w20 & 108w21 Industrial Sewing Machine Manual

Singer 108w20 & 108w21 Industrial Sewing Machine Manual
Item# singer-108w20--108w21-industrial-sewing-mach

Product Description

This is a photocopied copy of an original instruction manual. The manual is very helpful to anyone that ownes a Singer 108w20 & 21. (For harness work and other heavy leather work.). This manual has the following info plus more: (OPERATE THE MACHINE)(NEEDLES AND THREAD)(REMOVING AND WINDING THE BOBBIN)(SETTING THE NEEDLE)(THREADING THE NEEDLE)(UPPER AND LOWER THREAD TENSION SETTING)(HINTS/TROUBLE SHOOTING)(SHUTTLE THREADING)(LUBE SPOTS)(INSTRUCTIONS FOR ADJUSTERS AND MECHANICS). THIS MANUAL COVERS THE SINGER 108w20 & 21 MACHINE. The manual is 24 pages long and has lots of helpful info. And is fully illustrated. Check out my store for other listing of other 29 class manuals and also other manuals and supplies. I know my pictures look alittle blurry, But I guarantee that every page is very readable and nice on all my manuals. NOTE : All my manuals do say ( DO NOT COPY) in highlighter across the first inside page.

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